In Part 1 of this series, we talked about being the change you want to see in the world, all the way down to the cell level. Last week, in Part 2, we had a spirited discussion about Twinkies and Madison Avenue. In the final installment, you will learn about…

Innate Intelligence and Spinal Health
The way that Innate Intelligence expresses itself in the body is via the nervous system. The brain generates life and energy reaches every cell by traveling through a nerve. Every nerve that runs from the brain to the body travels through the spine. This is where the nerve is most vulnerable to irritation and trauma. The spine then becomes the lifeline of the body, and the spine was created to protect the nerves. But when the spine becomes misaligned because of physical, chemical, or mental/emotional stress, the nerve is no longer protected and can become irritated or compressed. At this point there will not be 100% life traveling over that nerve and part of the body will begin to reorganize into something that is not normal from that person, just as the whole body will ultimately reorganize into plant material when Innate Intelligence ceases expressing itself completely.

When part of the body has reorganized and is out of harmony with the whole, we call that dis-ease. When the process goes on long enough and we eventually become aware of it, we call that disease. But disease is simply the reorganization of Twinkie atoms outside of the normal plan for that individual. The sole purpose of chiropractic is to adjust the spine to free the nerve and release the power of life. To reconnect the Intelligence with the Twinkies, as it were. The body can then operate under its normal and natural context of Intelligence, and be in harmony with itself and its environment.

Wouldn’t it be possible to do that for ourselves as individuals? To “adjust” ourselves? To remove from our lives that which interferes with the normal and natural flow of perfection and harmony? To live in moderation? To work on our “stuff” and confront our addictions? To become, as Black Elk taught, “clean hollow bones” for Spirit to express through? If we dedicated our lives to working on this, would there be as much stress? The great majority of stress stems from living unnaturally. It comes from thinking we are vulnerable, lacking, deficient, made incorrectly. It comes from living in extremes. It comes from believing we are separate from everything and everyone else in Creation and from the Intelligence that runs it all. It comes from the insane idea that somehow we are not special, unique expressions of Spirit that are here with a definite purpose. It comes from trying to improve on perfection.

The world can no longer wait for science or technology or government or religion to solve its crisis from the outside in. Each one of us must take the responsibility to change and heal ourselves from the inside out. Each one of us has the power to change the world. First we must become the change.

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