In Part 1 of this series last week, we talked about being the change you want to see in the world, all the way down to the cell level. This week, in Part 2, we discuss…

Chiropractic, the Universe and Twinkies
The Universe is an organized, healthy, sane, harmonious, self-healing, and self-regulating system. It exhibits an incredibly precise order, whether we’re considering molecules and atoms or galaxies and stars. There are no mistakes, extra parts or extraneous organisms. The whole thing works within a context of Intelligence which most people call Divine (Buddha, God, Mother Nature, etc.). When we as human beings attempt to improve on perfection by manipulating the Universe to suit our whims, things always get worse. The evidence of this is clear to any 3rd grader.

Chiropractic philosophy teaches the same principle. The human body is unfathomably intelligent. It builds itself from 1 cell into 100 trillion cells in 9 months. It rebuilds 98% of itself in 3–6 months! That’s right—98% of the atoms that comprise your body at this very moment will not be in your body 3–6 months from now; they will have been replaced by atoms that you accumulate from your environment, mostly in the form of food. So, essentially, if you eat Twinkies® today, tomorrow those Twinkie atoms are part of your eyeball or your toenail or your spleen.

How can we account for the fact that these collections of Twinkie atoms can literally do quadrillions of things simultaneously, including healing themselves, regulating themselves, and successfully adapting themselves to their environments? Dead bodies do none of these things, and yet are made of exactly the same stuff. Living bodies reorganize atoms into themselves, whereas dead bodies reorganize into plants. Why? Because a living body contains an Intelligence which creates it, re-creates it, heals it, runs it, and keeps it in balance and harmony. When Intelligence is fully connected to the Twinkie atoms, we express our optimal potential of health, wellness, joy, love, wisdom, and power.

The Danger of Madison Avenue
When we as human beings attempt to improve on perfection by manipulating the body or its parts or its molecules according to our limited perspective and knowledge, the body always suffers. We think of the body as the sum of its parts, and that since we understand the sum of its parts we can understand the whole. Beyond that, we think that health problems are due to a fault in the parts or that there are too many parts or not enough chemicals. There are some problems with these assumptions. First of all, the sum of the parts equals a dead body. Second, we don’t know the sum of the parts. We only know some of the parts! Compared to the Intelligence that runs these bodies, our collective “knowledge” is miniscule.

And even though Madison Avenue would love us to continue believing that headaches are due to a lack of aspirin, or depression is due to a lack of Prozac, or ear infections in kids are due to a lack of antibiotics, or hyperactivity is due to a lack of Ritalin, this is silly at best—and dangerous at worst. Right now, health care in the United States is the 3rd leading cause of death, primarily because of our belief systems about health. HEALTH IS A FUNCTION OF LIFE! It comes from within. The body works within the context of Intelligence that chiropractors call Innate. And when innate intelligence is expressing itself in and through the Twinkie atoms and 100 trillion cells that we call the body, health is the inevitable result. You don’t even need insurance!

Tune in next week for the final installment…