Ptak Family Chiropractic

Currently, we are OPEN 7:30am – 12:15pm Monday thru Friday. 

Continuing to have access to Chiropractic care is very important, especially in this COVID-19 health crisis we are all facing.

The well being of you and your family is our top priority!

– If you are not feeling well, please call to reschedule your appointment to a later date.

– If you get driven to your appointment, have your driver wait in the car.

– We’re sanitizing our work spaces and all areas of high touch consisitently throughout the day.

– Our tables and equipment are sanitized between each patient visit.

– We have hand sanitizer and disposable gloves available when in office.

Getting adjusted is now more important than ever so try to stay on track with your routine appointments. Prevention of sickness and disease is key! Try to stay active and moving to increase your immune system. And try not to worry! Fear and worry lead to stress and stress leads to illness and physical pain.

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Dr. Jeffrey Ptak

Dr. Jeffrey Ptak

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Ptak brings decades of extensive knowledge, training and skills, combined with his deeply compassionate, caring nature, to provide personalized, results-oriented care for each and every patient. His vision is to help thousands of people live healthy, pain-free, fulfilling lives of purpose and prosperity.

Naz Amini MS. CNS, CNC, LDN

Naz Amini MS. CNS, CNC, LDN

Licensed Clinical Nutrionist

Naz has been a licensed clinical nutritionist over the last 10 years. She holds a Master Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, providing her with a strong foundation in biochemistry, science and practice of nutraceutical
therapy. She specializes on Autoimmune conditions, gut-related issues and brain health.

Yesenia Ramirez

Yesenia Ramirez

Clinic Administrator

Yesenia Ramirez skillfully assists Dr. Ptak with patient care while also running the front office efficiently. She has been a stabilizing presence at Ptak Family Chiropractic since 2011, while earning her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at Cal State Dominguez Hills.

Nancy Mendoza

Nancy Mendoza

Chiropractic Assistant

Nancy will most likely be the first person you will meet when you walk through our doors. She was born and raised in Los Angeles. Nancy has always leaned towards a healthy lifestyle. As a mother of of two kids, she always wants to give her kids the best hollistic care.